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This article speaks about my relationship with a man that clearly loves me and I him but there is just so much misunderstanding.Things are getting worse. We are apart at the moment but the emotional attachment is overwhelming.

Your website is a magnificent place of ample information! Do you mind if I pingback one of your blog entries on my own domain?

Hi Linda,

I really like this blog. I would love to go to couple's therapy if I find somebody here in Hawaii to go to. In the meantime, do you recommend any books or articles to read to help a couple try this process on their own (learning to talk/listen for real)?


Hello Angela,
Thanks for writing! I would like to invite you to watch my weekly web show. I can answer your questions live on the air on the web. You can also submit me a question before hand and I will answer that one too. Log onto www.feelbetterlive.com/watch-now/
You can also look at earlier shows. I answer a lot of questions about relationships. I hope you can find some answers that will help you.


Linda Nusbaum, MFT

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