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i am going through same situation for sometime.We are in relationship for more than an year. For sometime my boyfriend is also not communicating with me as before. He do not even call me now only send msg that too very rare. I tried talking to him but is not ready to share anything, only thing he said that he is upset. i am very upset and feeling very helpless.
Please advice.


My boyfriend and I, live together in 2 year, sometimes I'm sad and I can't tell why. He's still married but separate in 4 years. Sometimes he listening in music that they make him cry. And I don't want to see him like that. I can't stop him from the past he have. He remember still his wife. I'm 20 years younger on him, I fall in love of him, I give everything to fill it out all the happiness coz I want him to be happy. He always say I love you every day, sometimes my tears can't stop to falling in my pillow. And I answer him back I hope you do love me. I ask him one day why he love me he said your beautiful and kind. Your my wife always remind that. But he can't move on to leave his past. Why he still married in someone that they don't need him. I am here to love him till the end. Sometimes I woke up in the morning asking my self why I truly love him. I am so happy with him and I can't believe that his past is the only make me feel sadness. I try to left him last year in a month, I want that his gonna realize who he want and love. He txt and call me in the same word I love you come back to me. I did back with him because I love him to death and I don't wanna see him sad. But still the same and I try to feel to ignore what his past. But doesn't help me the more I ignore the more it worse. I don't know what I'm going to do. I talk to friend hang out to make me feel happy. But I can't be happy without him. Now I'm laying down in bed and share this feeling.

i am having a big prblm..i met him throught facebook and after toking to each other for a while we got into relationship..Though he is a very good humanybeing but he is very dominationg...i feel i cant share my feelings with him..he will say whatever he wants and when i say he will sart screaming...i feel frustrated,i am libra and he is pisces..i feel as it is long distance we need comunication.i ask him to come on skye ,before he used to come now he fights for comng ..he thiough calls me everyday atleast once as the timings are diff as i am in india and he is in USA.The is i dont know what to do...now days he doesnt even call me that often.He says he is not cheating but he needs space i do give him space,but i too need that emotioanl love and support...what shall i do i dont understand ..i am feeling frustrated now days with him more becoz for lack of communication

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